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ebook version

Interactive eBook (PDF)

English edition 1.2, 2009
208 Pages [5.75 x 8.27 in] 2.7 MB
High resolution printing allowed
No password protection, No DRM.

Price: $7.95
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For web designers, graphic designers, multimedia designers

The ebook version of this book is in PDF format. It should be the main reference for all digital on-screen works. The unconverted RGB colors in the Color Schemes for the Web show real RGB color sample on screen.

Extra Features. Only in the Interactive eBook version.

New! Color ID
color IDEvery color palette has its own identity ranging from A to O. You do not need to look closely at the color combinations to see which color palettes are in use.

Interactive Features
table of contents linkEasily navigate through the book with the Clickable TOC (table of contents), Back to TOC Tab, Color Model Switching Tab, and Bookmark Links.

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Color schemes for print
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Color schemes for the Web
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